Wagle Releases 'Better Plan' Ad

WICHITA, KS – Kansas State Senate President and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Susan Wagle today released her first television advertisement.  “Better Plan” is airing in multiple DMAs across Kansas, including Wichita and Topeka.  This is in addition to her online advertising campaign that began on Monday.

Kansas’ liberal Democrat Governor Laura Kelly and national Democrat presidential contenders have proposed radical government-run healthcare plans that will destroy the private health insurance market that provides coverage to 160 million Americans and replace it with socialized medicine.  Under their plan, the government decides what doctor you can see and when you can see a doctor. Their plan will end Medicare to help cover the estimated $52 trillion their plan will cost us over the next 10 years. It will force massive tax hikes for hardworking families and will lead to longer waits, less choice, lower quality and higher costs.


It's called Socialized Medicine.  Also known as Medicare for All.  The government decides what doctor you see, when you can see a doctor, it's expensive, leads to long waits, and about as efficient as your local DMV.  And this is the healthcare that Warren, Sanders, AOC, and Barbara Bollier want to give you.  Susan Wagle has a better plan.
Susan Wagle:
My family, like many other families, have had our share of healthcare battles.  Our battles have instilled in me a strong commitment to provide a healthcare system for all Americans.  Socialized medicine, which leads to long waits, poor care, lack of choice, and healthcare rationing is never the answer.  
See her plan at TeamWagle.com
Susan Wagle:
I'm Susan Wagle, and I approve this message.

Susan Wagle is proposing a better plan, focused on individual choice, expanded healthcare options, and a reform of our medical malpractice system.  Wagle’s plan protects individuals with pre-exiting conditions, allows for the sale of insurance across state lines and use technology to allow patients to price shop for procedures with incentives from insurance companies to split the savings.  To read more about Susan Wagle’s healthcare reform framework, please click here.

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