A Relentless Fight to Protect the Unborn

Standing up for the rights of the unborn isn’t just a political position, it’s a moral fight Susan Wagle learned as a young woman. As a married teenager concerned about being pregnant, she went to a clinic that advertised free pregnancy tests in Wichita, KS. She was greeted by a map of the world with yellow pins throughout. Susan learned that the pins represented areas where the doctor had provided services. She was counseled by the staff to have an abortion if her test came back positive which was something Susan would never have even considered. She left the clinic never to return. But from it was born her fight to protect the rights of the unborn.

When Susan was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives, she learned quickly that there were not many pro-life members let alone pro-life female legislators. So, she dedicated her early time in the House recruiting and helping elect fellow pro-life leaders. Susan, while serving as Speaker Pro-Temp, was able to pass the Women’s Right to Know Act which was the state’s first pro-life bill ever enacted into law. The bill required a woman considering an abortion to be informed of fetal development and instituted a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion could be performed. For her leadership and work the Kansas Catholic Conference awarded her their Silver Angel award.

Throughout Susan’s almost three decades serving in both the House and Senate, she has made protecting the rights of the unborn her top priority and has delivered real results. During her term as Senate President, she has ushered through fifteen pro-life bills including a ban on dismemberment abortion. During the most recent legislative session, Susan made certain the Kansas was the first state to speak out loudly against New York’s Reproductive Health Act which codified into law late term abortions.

Unfortunately, some of Susan’s efforts to protect the unborn have fallen victim to challenging political forces. During the 2019 session, Susan sponsored and was successful in getting both houses of the legislature to pass the Abortion Pill Reversal Bill which would have required physicians to inform women prescribed abortion medication that the effects can be reversed after the first pill if they change their minds. Governor Laura Kelly vetoed this bill. While Susan was able to garner the 27 votes needed in the Senate to override the Governor’s veto, the House failed to obtain the votes.

Susan’s faith and science tell her that life begins at conception.  Whether it is right here in Kansas or anywhere else, she will always stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves because every beating heart is a child of God.