Marshall versus Marshall

2017 Congressman Roger Marshall Mocked Trump's Signature Border Wall While 2020 Senate Candidate Roger Marshall Says He Stood With Trump "Since Day One"

WICHITA, KS - Since he entered the race for Kansas' open United States Senate seat, Congressman Roger Marshall (R-KS) has tried to depict himself as a loyal foot soldier for President Trump and his agenda.  But is he really?

Just this weekend, during a campaign stop in Leavenworth, Kansas, The Leavenworth Times reported that Marshall said:

"I've stood beside President Trump since day one"

Unfortunately for Marshall, his words from less than three short years ago paint a very different picture on the President's signature initiative - his border wall with Mexico.  In an address to the Republican Wichita Pachyderm Club, the Wichita Eagle reported:

...Rep. Roger Marshall broke ranks on immigration, questioning the feasibility of a mammoth border wall and saying mass deportation would wreck Kansas' economy... 

... Marshall emphasized that he supports border security, but through means other than the president's promise to build a giant wall across the southern border and make Mexico pay the construction cost...

... "I very much want to secure the border, but I'm not sure a wall's the best way to do it. I don't know if it's even feasible."

Not only did Marshall disagree with the President's signature issue, he mocked the President in his remarks during the event's question and answer session:

"He (Trump) has been quoted multiple times saying he promised the American public he would do it and by gosh he's going to do it," Marshall said. "Don't know how we're going to pay for it."

"I've been waiting for Mexico to step up, but so far they haven't," he said, eliciting chuckles from the audience."

These are not the words of someone who "stood beside President Trump since day one," because on day-one of President Trump's campaign, in June 2015, he called for a wall with Mexico.  In speech after speech across American, President Trump has led crowds in chants of "build the wall" and it has been a point he has even prioritized in his State of the Union Addresses.

So which Roger Marshall should Kansas Republican Primary voters believe: The Roger Marshall from three years ago who was not running for higher office or the Roger Marshall who is now running in a competitive Republican primary for United States Senate against several other Republicans who support President Trump's signature initiative?

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