"By gosh he's gonna do it!  Now, I don't know how we're gonna pay for it.  

I've been waiting for Mexico to step up..."

WICHITA, KS - Congressman and candidate for U.S. Senate Roger Marshall (R-KS) has repeatedly tried to tie himself to President Trump, even airing television ads inserting images of himself next to the President.  However, last weekend, during a campaign stop in Leavenworth, Marshall's campaign took this devotion to an unbelievable level when he proclaimed he's been with the President "since day-one."

Less than three short years ago, while speaking to the Republican Pachyderm Club in Wichita, Marshall proudly (and mockingly) used his address to oppose the President's signature initiative: a wall on our southern border with Mexico.

Watch Roger Marshall mock President Trump for wanting to build a border wall.

Marshall would say: "By gosh he's gonna do it!  Now, I don't know how we're gonna pay for it.  I've been waiting for Mexico to step up but so far they haven't.  So, I think the appetite in Congress, at least right now, we don't think it's feasible to build a wall... I'm not sure the wall is the best way to do it.  I don't know if it's even feasible."

Not only does he oppose the President's signature initiative, but, "by gosh," Marshall mocks the President's ability to get the job done for the American people.  These are not the words of someone who has stood with the President since "day one."  

President Trump, on the first day of his candidacy, in June 2015, made building a wall on our nation's southern border his signature initiative.  In campaign rally after campaign rally, President Trump has led supporters in the chant of "build the wall."  President Trump has even singled out his wall with Mexico in his State of the Union Addresses.

If Roger Marshall doesn't support President Trump's wall with Mexico, how could he support the President "on day one?"

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