Let Pompeo Do His Job

WICHITA, KS - Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and state Senate President Susan Wagle (R-KS) issued the following statement in response to Time Magazine's "completely false" story claiming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling Kansas donors in preparation for a run for U.S. Senate campaign.

Susan Wagle said: "The national news media has forced Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to repeatedly confirm that he is not running for the U.S. Senate in 2020.  It's unfortunate they are forcing him to go through this exercise. Today was the most recent when the Secretary of State's official spokesperson was forced to again call stories indicating he may run "completely false", and reiterated that he will be staying on as Secretary of State, which is a great thing not only for the President, but also for the entire country."

"It's time for the press to allow Mike Pompeo to do his job, and spend less time having to correct false stories.  It's also time for the news media to start covering all the Kansas 2020 Senate candidates, including a trusted conservative woman with a track record of breaking barriers who can insure this seat stays Republican." concluded Wagle.

Since July, Secretary Pompeo has made the following, definitive statements stating he will not be a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020:

Senate run is "off the table"

- Pompeo speech to the Washington Economic Club, July 29, 2019


"I hear all the chatter.  I think the only one not talking about my Kansas senate run is me"

- Pompeo interview with "Squawk Box" on CNBC, August 20, 2019


Mike Pompeo closed the door on any speculation he might run for the open Senate seat in Kansas next year. "I am going to stay here," he said in an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner. "There's lots of people talking about it. The only one who's not talking about it is me."

- Pompeo interview with The Washington Examiner, August 21, 2019


 "The decision has been made.  I've talked about this many times.  I am going to continue being Secretary of State..."

- Pompeo interview with FOX & Friends on FOX News, October 28, 2019


 "... This story is completely false"

Pompeo response to Time Magazine story, November 20, 2019

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