Happy Thanksgiving 2019

There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday! There is no doubt, we live in the greatest state, in the greatest country, in the world!! Kansans are proud of our community, our heritage and most of all our strong tradition of faith, family, freedom and opportunity.

I look forward to spending this Thanksgiving with my family – especially my 15 grandchildren. While they all can’t be in Kansas for the weekend, we will be in communication sharing and renewing our family ties. We will enjoy our time together, and most important, we will develop the deep roots and bonds that will carry us through the difficult times that will inevitably emerge in the future.  

Thanksgiving is a time of reinforcing and building our networks of support with family, friends, neighbors and faith partners. Thanksgiving is a time to refresh and rejuvenate our energy and our enthusiasm for life, and time to acknowledge the wealth of creative ideas and prosperity we have enjoyed here in America. 

America has proven through many generations, through our founding infrastructure and the documents developed by our forefathers, to be the land of freedom and opportunity. Each of us owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for their wisdom and foresight, and their willingness to sacrifice unto death, for the freedoms that have made this Country great. While our current politics may seem full of division, the things that bond us as a country are still far greater. Our free market economic system still provides opportunity for each of us. It is the bond that carries us forward as Americans. 

Kansas was founded as a free state during the most divisive time in our nation. We value freedom and have the courage to stand up and fight for it. I’m ready for the fight that lies ahead in 2020. I will stand with you and with your family, protecting our freedoms and limiting the reign of government bureaucracy. I’m hopeful as we work through our present challenges, we can do so with the common unity of our state’s founding purpose.

Tom and I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings for the upcoming holiday season.

With thanks,

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