"To Heck With The Socialist Movement. Keep Kansas Red!"

WICHITA, KS – At Saturday's Kansas Republican U.S. Senate debate, state Senate President and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Susan Wagle won the debate by showing her experience, emphasizing her strong conservative record, and touting her ability to defeat liberal Barbara Bollier in November.  

Wagle pointed to her long-record of passing pro-life legislation, commitment to fiscal discipline, and shining a spotlight on her ability to defeat Democrats - which is a stark difference to her fellow Republican competitors.  Here is a sample of the press coverage of Wagle's performance:

Topeka Capital Journal:

Wagle, the Kansas Senate president from Wichita, portrayed herself as most capable of retaining the Senate seat to be vacated next year by retiring Republican Pat Roberts. She said if placed at the top of the ticket, she would guarantee defeat of U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids, a Democratic who serves the Kansas City area congressional district.

"We need someone who has Trump's back," Wagle said. "'I'm the one true conservative in this race. I can bring a groundswell of Republicans to the ballot."

She was first to broach the subject of Trump's impeachment by the House. The U.S. Senate is expected to vote Wednesday to acquit the president.

"The Democrats planned the impeachment process on your tax dollars," Wagle said. "They wanted to make false claims against him on TV, hour after hour, day after day because he's up for an election. The president was never given due process. It was a total sham. Thank God, the Senate last night said, 'We will not call witnesses.' I stand with President Trump."...

... Wagle said no one should underestimate her capacity to make certain Kansas didn't turn to a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate for the first time since the Great Depression. She blamed Marshall for lack of action on immigration and health care while the GOP controlled Congress and the White House. She blamed Kobach for blowing the campaign against Kelly.

"I'm the only candidate you can trust who can win this race. I am a fighter. To heck with the socialist movement. Keep Kansas red," she said.

Associated Press:

... Wagle argued that the best way to help Trump is to elect fellow conservatives. During Saturday's debate before about 600 party activists, Wagle twice pointed at Kobach and suggested that he set the conservative movement back by losing to Kelly. Wagle also predicted that Kelly will help fellow Democrats fundraise to defeat conservatives in this year's election.

"I have a Democrat governor now who's raising money and she is promoting liberal policy," Wagle said the second time, her voice rising. "We need a proven fighter, folks. We need someone who can help Trump, help Kansas, and elect Republicans down-ballot."...

Wichita Eagle/Kansas City Star:

... "I stand with President Trump.  I've been standing for conservative values for many, many, many years," said Wagle, president of the Kansas state Senate.

... "Wagle emphasized her legislative career, saying she's the only candidate with a proven record of helping elect other conservatives up and down the ballot.

I'm the one candidate you can trust who can win this race, elect other conservatives underneath me and who can get things done when I get there, " she said.

And she was the only one to directly attack Kobach for is 2018 loss to Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly, saying "you had a three-way race for governor, and we have a Democratic governor now raising money and promoting liberal policy."...

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