The Reinforcement President Trump Needs

President Donald Trump was elected to shake up the status quo that was plaguing Washington and fight for the American people. He has delivered by cutting taxes and redlining burdensome regulations that were holding our economy hostage. The results have been over 6 million new jobs created, wages starting to increase for the first time since the Great Recession and a stock market that continues to outperform expectations. As Senate President, Susan Wagle, led the fight this legislative session to return the state surplus from the Trump tax cuts back to the taxpayers. Unfortunately, Governor Laura Kelly decided to keep the money to spend on some of her big government priorities down the road.

President Trump is also working to drain the swamp and end corruption in government. These are battles Susan has won right here in Kansas. She took on her own party and put a stop to state government handing out contracts to political supporters. She made sure that lobbyists were required to registered with the state’s ethics commission before they could try to influence contract bids. And when she learned that the Kansas Bioscience Authority was more interested in junkets and wasting taxpayer money than focusing on the core mission, spurring biomedical research, Susan launched an investigation that led to the agency being shut down.

Susan has always defended our constitutional rights. When President Obama’s EPA went after Kansas ranchers' ability to burn prairie, Susan led the fight in the legislature to call on Congress to act and prevent the EPA’s environmental overreach. Susan has earned an A rating form the National Rifle Association for her steadfast commitment to protecting the 2nd Amendment. And she helped pass the state’s constitutional carry bill into law.

With so much on the line for Kansas and America, Susan is now ready for a new fight. She’s ready to take her fighting spirit to Congress where she will stand up to the radical left’s agenda that seeks to destroy our way of life. Susan is ready to give President Trump the conservative reinforcements he needs.