Coronavirus Relief Package

WICHITA, KS – Kansas state Senate President and conservative candidate for U.S. Senate Susan Wagle (R-KS) issued the following statement upon the passage of legislation in the United States Senate to provide relief to hardworking families, small businesses, and the healthcare sector in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Susan Wagle said: "The Senate's passage of legislation to provide economic relief to hardworking families and small businesses is an important next step to combatting the outbreak of COVID-19.  From the severe healthcare challenges Kansans are facing throughout the state, to the National and home-grown businesses that call Kansas home, this legislation will be key to not only containing and defeating the coronavirus outbreak, but will also mitigating the unexpected economic damage the virus has rendered."

"The most important financing in the bill is the assistance provided to small business owners whose doors have been shuttered through no action of their own.  Bills still have to be paid, employees urgently need their health care benefits, and most important, Kansans prefer to work.  The small business loans are absolutely essential to prevent numerous bankruptcies and a 30's like depression.  The economic safety net just agreed to by President Trump and our National leaders is essential to the goal of bringing America back to our normality; a place where we can prove our resiliency, our exceptionality, our concern for our neighbors and a place where democracy thrives.  It is my great hope that the House follows the Senate's lead and passes this important piece of legislation."

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