A Trusted Conservative Standing Up to the Democrat Socialists

Susan Wagle first ran for public office out of frustration over a state government that put the need to fund the growth of government ahead of the ability for small businesses to compete and grow. When the state legislature tripled commercial property taxes and almost doubled residential property taxes, Susan took action by running for and winning a seat in the state House. Through almost three decades of public service in both chambers, Susan has fought for lower taxes, to reign in burdensome regulations and to stop the unnecessary growth of state government.

Susan led the effort in Kansas to prevent the full implementation of Obamacare because it came at a cost the state can’t afford. During the most recent legislative session, Susan passed a law backed by the Kansas Farm Bureau that allows farmers and ranchers to secure health insurance policies outside the over-regulated and costly plans mandated under Obamacare. She also took action to allow the state’s vital agriculture industry to have more flexibility transporting its products and move grain while protecting the safety of state highways. And she fought to pass the state’s stand your ground law and help enact a law to permit concealed carry.

Susan has an unmatched record of accomplishments fighting for conservative principles that makes her uniquely qualified to stand up and fight against the wave of socialism that is sweeping Washington. From Medicare-for-All to free college tuition to forgiving all existing college debt to the Green New Deal to open borders and even converting post offices into banks, the far left is advancing an agenda that will cost more than $66 trillion if enacted. It is also an agenda that will allow government to control every aspect of our lives and leave our communities less safe.

Susan knows that we can never allow the open borders crowd to succeed or we will no longer have a country. That is why she supports President Trump's efforts to build the wall along our southern border and reform our immigration laws that is based on fairness not amnesty. Now more than ever, Kansas needs a fighter in the Senate that will stand up and fight for our states shared values of working hard, living within our means and taking care of each other. Susan has proven by her actions and courage that she is ready for the fight.