A Better Plan for Healthcare

The Democrats want to destroy the private health insurance market that provides coverage to 160 million Americans and replace it with socialized medicine or as they call it Medicare-for-All. Under their plan, the government decides what doctor you can see; when you can see a doctor; and some seniors are turned down for critical care. Their plan will end Medicare to help cover the estimated to be $52 trillion their plan will cost us over the next 10 years. It will force massive tax hikes for hardworking families. It will also lead to longer waits, less choice, lower quality and higher costs.

Instead of socialized medicine, Susan Wagle has a better plan. Her families battles with health issues has instilled in her a strong commitment to provide a healthcare system that provides all Americans high quality care, coverage for preexisting conditions and the affordability they deserve. Susan Wagle’s priorities:

  • preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  • bring down prescription drug prices;
  • end surprise billing;
  • use technology to allow patients to price shop for procedures with incentives from the insurance companies to split the savings;
  • allow for the sale of insurance across state lines;
  • promote health savings accounts;
  • pass medical malpractice reform that allows for justified lawsuits but ends frivolous ones that ultimately drive up cost;
  • and make health insurance more affordable.

Susan Wagle will fight relentlessly to make health insurance companies work like health insurance companies again where they provide affordable premiums, reasonable co-pays and manageable deductibles.